How A Founder's Sleep Challenges Led Her To The 2022 Forbes 30 Under 30 List

PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Like millions of us, Elle Liu – founder of Eucalypso and 2022 Forbes 30 Under 30 Inductee – has long-been a hot sleeper struggling with the occasional night sweats. Throughout her early professional years in NYC, she also found herself waking up with mysterious acne breakouts on her face and back despite a rigorous skincare routine.

Seeking a remedy, she finally spoke to a dermatologist in 2017 who, after ruling out other potential causes, suggested that she examine her bedding as a possible culprit. After some research, Elle concluded that her particular night sweats were caused by cotton sheets, which are woven in a way that traps sweat and acne-causing bacteria. Additionally, it appeared that the mainstream processes for harvesting and processing cotton were environmentally damaging, creating significant pollutants causing erosion, runoff, and far reaching environmental problems.

And suddenly, Elle had her big idea: what if she could create a sheet set that simultaneously solved her skin problems AND addressed her environmental concerns with cotton?

Over the next year, Elle searched the world's mills and material manufacturers for the most ecofriendly, durable, comfortable alternative to cotton sheets that she could get her hands on. After several months without a perfect candidate, she stumbled upon an Austrian mill specializing in fabric made from eucalyptus fiber. It both felt great to the touch and had impressive metrics:  it was 10x more sustainably-milled than mainstream cotton, 2x softer, and 3x more breathable.

With data in hand, Elle decided on eucalyptus fabric for her sheet sets. Her company – Eucalypso, a pioneer in eucalyptus bedding – was born.

In the 3+ years since its launch in 2018, Eucalypso has grown a cult following obsessed with its remarkably soft and cooling eucalyptus sheets. With thousands of 5-star reviews, Eucalypso fans rave about how their sheets help them sleep cooler and help clear up mysterious skin issues. Customer feedback drives Eucalypso, and many new product lines are born from customer suggestions.

"Eucalypso is a family-run business and we treat our customers like family. Like its flagship TENCEL fabric, Eucalypso has grown organically; to that end, we have the freedom to source only the highest quality, ethically-sourced materials and create product lines we are proud to share with our customers."

Congrats to Elle on her inclusion in the 2022 Forbes 30 under 30 and congratulations to the entire Eucalypso team on their continued growth and success! Read more about Elle's Forbes 30 Under 30 feature here.

About Eucalypso: 
Eucalypso makes modern sustainable bedding spun from 100% natural eucalyptus fibers for the perfect combination of silky soft, breathable, and ultra ecofriendly. Designed for hot sleepers and people with sensitive or acne prone skin, Eucalypso sheets are 2x softer, 3x more breathable, 10x more sustainable, and 70% more moisture wicking than cotton. Learn more at eucalypsohome.com.

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