Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board Receives Resolution Support From National Congress of American Indians

PORTLAND, Ore., July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- At their June 2021 Mid Year Conference, the National Congress of American Indians passed a resolution supporting the rights of all Indigenous gender-diverse people to access gender-affirming care. The resolution, titled Support for Trans and Gender-Affirming Care in IHS, Tribal, and Urban Indian Health Facilities – 2021 Strategic Vision and Action Plan, indicates strong support for the implementation of the Trans & Gender-Affirming Care Strategic Vision and Action Plan drafted by the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board (NPAIHB).

The plan outlines community and structural-level advocacy measures to ensure Indigenous gender-diverse people can access the healthcare they need. While drafting the strategic vision, NPAIHB and the Native Advocacy Workgroup for Trans Health listened and consulted with Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ community members, healthcare providers, and policy-makers. The strategic plan supports the I/T/U clinics as they begin to provide gender-affirming care to their patients by emphasizing the following four goals:

  1. Develop and pass protective policies at the tribal, state, and federal levels;
  2. Ensure affirming clinical environments for gender-diverse patients;
  3. Ensure best practice care for Indigenous gender-diverse patients; and
  4. Improve I/T/U health systems support for initiatives focused on the wellness of gender-diverse community members.

In a year when state legislatures across the country have introduced more than 100 bills to restrict trans rights, a national resolution supporting the implementation of this plan represents a historic statement affirming the right of Indigenous gender-diverse people get the healthcare they need. 

"NCAI signing this resolution in support of our strategic plan is a huge win toward remembering our Nation's Two Spirit traditions and restoring our places in the circle. We have long known that the health of our communities depends on the health of all of our people, and this goes a long way in the struggle to ensure equitable healthcare will be provided for our trans and gender-diverse Indigenous relatives." – Itai Jeffries, Paths (Re)Membered Co-Manager

The Paths (Re)Membered Project, within the NPAIHB, centers the Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ community–its strengths, resiliencies, and histories—in our movement toward health equity. 


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SOURCE Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board