PORTLAND, Ore., July 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The new matte black uKeg was a hit with the beer-loving crowd at this summer’s Homebrew Con in Portland, and not just because it was filled with an innovative IPA from Portland’s Coalition Brewing Co.

Matte is the new black. While the uKeg is stylish in any finish, matte black is the latest crush.

Like the uKegs that came before it in stainless-steel, copper and black-chrome finishes, the pressurized growler keeps beer fresh and carbonated for two weeks or more. That’s valuable to homebrewers who need reliable storage for batches of beer and who want to transport their brew and have it taste the way they intended.

The uKeg was at the convention helping introduce the uKeg Infuser and the uKeg Ball Lock Cap. Both ideas were brought to GrowlerWerks by homebrewers. They were brilliant so the small company went to work.

The uKeg infuser allows beer lovers to flavor a batch of beer in the stainless-steel, vacuum-insulated vessel. Filled with oak chips, coffee beans, citrus or other fruit flavors and attached to the bottom of any uKeg cartridge sleeve it can easily infuse finishing flavors into beer. It can also be used to flavor cocktails and other craft beverages.

Getting the most love from the homebrew crowd was the uKeg Ball Lock Cap. The standard interlock adapts the uKeg to existing CO2 systems, allowing people to use their own CO2 source to supply power to the uKeg instead of a CO2 cartridge. It’s ideal for force carbonating beer in the uKeg, which the mini mobile keg does in two to three days.   Learn more about these innovations on our shop page at GrowlerWerks.com. For more information about how to force carbonate using the uKeg, watch our video here.

«Drinking what you make and sharing it with your friends is what it’s all about,» Huff said. «Homebrewers are not only passionate about beer, they’ve an entrepreneurial spirit that we love coming alongside.»

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